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7 April 2021

Switch On Your Cash Flow Guide

“What started as a hobby turned into 3 months worth of writing the epitome of credit management.”

During the Christmas break of 2020, I was thinking about COVID-19’s impact on the economy and particularly cash flow. I can trace that thought as the very moment Ko-bolt’s metamorphosis began: How could we add value to existing customers and help them as the process of recovery begins so that no business should struggle as a result of bad debt?

There’s so much information out there, but it’s scattered and not readily available. So I decided to produce a comprehensive, yet simple guide to credit control best practices using most of the lessons I’ve learnt during my 17 years in the credit and collections industry.

Initially, it was meant to be nothing bigger than a brochure of some sorts. However, as the research and the planning progressed, this naturally evolved into a one-stop for information: 

Switch On Your Cash Flow is the essential guide to credit management strategies that put business relationships first and help mitigate bad debt risk.

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