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About Us

We are Ko-bolt

and we’re on a mission to reduce late payment and bad debt.


Because we believe that no business should suffer as a result of a late payment or a bad debt.


We blend decades of experience and expertise with product innovation, technology application and an ethos which puts the customer relationship at the heart of everything we do.


We exist to ensure that businesses have the right tools to tackle late payment and reduce bad debt.

Our Ethos

Ko-bolt is an award winning debt recovery company which specialises in getting suppliers paid quickly by making use of the latest technology whilst putting the buyer-supplier relationship at the heart of everything we do. We call it debt resolution.

The first of its kind, our email tracking software lets us see when an email has been sent, delivered and more importantly, how many times it’s opened. This technology enables us to tailor our approach to your customer based on our analysis of the data. We aim to immediately open up a dialogue with the customer to give them the tools they need to talk. 

We empathise with the customer and we encourage them to work with us to find a resolution, we focus on expediting payment by offering expert advice and support on improving their cash flow and to reduce bad debt so that they can pay quickly, and the buyer-supplier relationship can be maintained. 

Our approach

Our debt collection process focuses on the buyer-supplier relationship. As a result, you can expect swift recovery and the opportunity to engage in future trade.

The environment

Traditional debt collection uses vast amounts of paper in the onboarding, debt placement and the collection processes. As a result of our email first policy, we reduce the use of paper and the carbon footprint that traditional post creates.


We use specialist email tracking software which allows us to see when an email has been sent, delivered, opened and more importantly how many times, influencing how we approach the customer for payment.

Our Background

Ko-bolt was founded in 2020 by Karl Hague. Karl has spent his career in the credit insurance and collections sector, providing certainty in the form of credit insurance through to risk mitigation via debt recovery and collections. Using data analysis and AI, Ko-bolts’ aim for the future is to bring together what he describes as the three pillars of credit risk: risk prevention, risk management and risk mitigation.

"In a world where late payment is considered normal, our mission is to ensure that suppliers have the right tools to reduce their days sales outstanding, manage their cash flow and protect themselves from the risk of bad debt.

I believe the commercial debt collection industry needs to change. We need to help businesses to overcome the problems they face in light of the economic downturn experienced since the pandemic. What’s required is a sympathetic and consumer approach, to a commercial problem.”

Proud To Be Based In Kent

We are based in the county town of Maidstone just a stones throw away from the historic city of Rochester in the heart of Kent. Just 45 minutes away from central London we are never out of reach. 

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