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Legal Debt Collection

Legal Debt Collection

Legal Debt Collection made easy

Despite the extra time afforded to the customer by credit control and debt collection processes, some customers will not respond to our approach for payment, or it may already be too late to instruct us to resolve the debt through amicable means. As a result, the only way to recover the debt may be through legal action.

The good news is, legal debt collection doesn’t have to be daunting or expensive. Thanks to Ko-bolt’s exclusive partnership with Hadfield Bull & Bull, we can offer you expert advice and support with the issue of a county court summons, to enforcement and beyond, all at wholesale prices.

Whether it's the county court process or the liquidation process, we've got you covered.

There are a variety of legal options to aid you in recovering debt. Our team will help you to decide which is the most appropriate course of action for you and your customer, taking into account: trading style; the size of the debt; the relationship you have/had with the debtor; the age of the debt; and any dispute which has been/may be raised etc.

The two most common types of legal debt collection are county court judgements, often referred to as CCJs and a winding up petition, which usually starts with a statutory demand. 

Issuing a county court claim has never been easier thanks to Money Claim Online (MCOL) from HM Courts & Tribunals Service. But care should be taken to ensure that you have complied with the relevant Pre-Action Protocol and the Civil Procedure Rules and Practice Directions before issuing a claim – The good news is that we take of this for you.

Why Ko-bolt Legal?

Why choose Legal Debt Collection from Ko-bolt?

We're specialists

We don't offer consumer debt collection. Consequently, by focusing only on commercial debt collection, we can deliver the best service and the best results.


It's your money, so we believe you should know what we're doing every step of the way. We keep you informed at every step of our legal debt collection process.

No collect, no fee

Our service is always offered on a no collection, no commission basis. Therefore, you only pay if we're successful in securing payment. Sound fair?

Legal Debt collection - The CCJ process

Letter Before Action (LBA)

Before issuing any legal proceedings a letter before action (LBA) should be sent to the customer. An LBA details the background of the debt: the invoices which are outstanding, when they were due and any interest and costs you're entitled to add and usually gives the customer 7 days in which to pay. When using our pre-legal collections service, we send an LBA for free as part of our process.

Claim Issue

Once the 7 days have expired and assuming you have not received a satisfactory response, the next step in the process is to issue legal proceedings through the county court. The customer will be sent a court form (summons) which will require them to pay the debt, plus the interest and any awarded costs within 14 days.

County Court Judgement (CCJ)

If the customer does not respond to the claim, you may apply for a County Court Judgment (CCJ). A CCJ is a Court Order that confirms that the debtor has defaulted on payment. The CCJ gives you the power to take enforcement action in order to recover the debt.


Once a County Court Judgment has been obtained, it is then possible to ‘enforce’ that debt immediately. For this, there are a variety of options. Our team will advise on the most appropriate method of enforcement based on their experience and expertise with similar cases

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